最近发现各种搞Tiktok培训的蹦出来, 搞得我都想放弃fb广告 ,看来我已经错过了Tiktok这几年的大好时光。。。


TikTok now allows influencers to have website links in bio, as clickable links! What this means is that you can now buy those placements from TikTok Influencers on Shoutcart!

We created a new browse page filter for you to find these Influencers easier
Browse TikTok + bio link Influencers
We are excited for the opportunity this brings to our brands and influencers.

Traffic and engagement coming from TikTok has been strong all year, and we don’t see a slow down any time soon. We hope to see you try “+ bio link” option in your upcoming TikTok campaigns!

Kind Regards,
Shoutcart Team




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